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Recreational Magic Use Can Be Detrimental to Your Health
Why I watch Merlin
Title: Recreational Magic Use Can Be Detrimental to Your Health
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: Gwaine, Arthur, Gaius, Merlin, background Gwaine/half of Camelot
Warnings (including spoilers): Naked Gwaine. And how.
Wordcount: 1,360 words
Author’s Note: Inspired by the comment_fic prompt ‘Gwaine is hit with a curse that destroys any garment he wears. Nobody is unhappy about this until he goes into battle unprotected.’
Summary: Merlin’s prank goes a little awry, but luckily, most people seem okay with the results. That is, until Camelot comes under attack.

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Fic: Nevermind what I said, just don't go (Merlin; PG)
The M's
Author/Artist: shadecat
Title: Nevermind what I said, just don't go.
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Merlin, Arthur
Rating: PG
Summary: Merlin's secret is revealed and Arthur may have reacted badly. Can he somehow convince his friend and confidant to stay?
Warnings (if any): N/A
Total word count: 1,676
Original prompt number: 15
Disclaimer: This story/artwork is based on characters and situations created and owned by the BBC. No money is being made (boo) and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's/artist's notes (if any): This fic was dragged out of me. I'm SO sorry on the lack of substance AND porn... I kind of failed with this. Also, I haven't seen season 3 of Merlin yet, though I've seen/read spoilers - so I couldn't be as up to date with this as I wanted.
Beta(s): M, M and I.

Nevermind what I said, just don't goCollapse )
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Fic: The More You Ignore Me (Sherlock; T)
The M's
Author/Artist: enzymion
Title: The More You Ignore Me
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jim Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: T
Summary: Since the Middle Ages, the rich and powerful have kept menageries of exotic animals to show off their power and admire their beauty; Jim keeps Sherlock for much the same reason.
Warnings (if any): Spoilers for ASIP, TBB & TGG, Swearing
Total word count: 6868
Original prompt number: 7
Disclaimer: This story/artwork is based on characters and situations created and owned by the BBC. No money is being made (boo) and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Beta(s): blue_eyed_1987

The More You Ignore MeCollapse )
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Fic: The End Is Where We Start From (Ianto/Jack; R)
The M's
Author/Artist: remuslives23
Title: The End Is Where We Start From
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Ianto/Jack, Gwen/Rhys, mentions of Ianto/others, Jack/others
Rating: R
Summary: Jack chose a new beginning after Toshiko and Owen's deaths; one that didn't include Ianto or Torchwood. Ten years later, Ianto has moved on. Really.
Warnings (if any): AU after 'Exit Wounds'. Some sexual content. Some language.
Total word count: 9224
Original prompt number: #9
Disclaimer: This story/artwork is based on characters and situations created and owned by the BBC. No money is being made (boo) and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's notes: I'd never heard this song before, but loved it on first listen. I read some background about it and this idea came along. It was meant to be a couple of thousand words, but the boys had their own agenda. I hope the angst isn't too excessive.
Beta(s): Thank you, D, for the advice and encouragement.

The End Is Where We Start FromCollapse )
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Claims Due Today.
The M's
Hi to everyone. Submissions are due today - posting tomorrow.
Two fics have been submitted so far and I'm hoping for the rest of the participants to hand theirs in (or at least ask for an extension).

If there isn't a full turn-out, I'll be posting the pics with the artist's names attached, since anonymity seems moot at this point.

Thank you to everyone who posted a prompt or tried to participate in any way.

Hopefully the next round will turn out better.
That's what tweaking is for. :)

Happy Holidays.

Claiming closed - fest almost over
The M's
Just to let everyone know that the claiming post is now closed.

Due to people needing extensions - the new due date for fics will be the 7th of December. I'm still more than willing to grant a longer extension if needed. I'm happy with anyone wanting to be involved and am willing to accommodate participants needs.

If you need a longer extension than a week, please feel free to comment and ask for one.

If you DON'T need an extension, please follow the submission post and your fic will be posted on the regular schedule.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in any way.

There will be a poll at the end of the fest in regards to what changes should be made if/when the next round is up.

The M's
Hello there, lovelies.
This is just a random check-in post to see how your stories are going.
Since we only have 9 participants in this fest, I suppose I feel the need to ask if I should continue with this.


If you've made a claim for a fic already and are SURE that you're going to finish it in time for posting - please comment here.
If you've made a claim for a fic and you're not going to be able to finish it - or you've lost the desire to do so - please comment here.

Either way - COMMENT PLZ, so I can keep track.

Comments are screened.

The M's
Submissions aren't due until the end of the month (November 30th), so you've still got plenty of time. Claiming ends on November 16th, so if you've been hemming and hawing over which prompt to claim, you're almost out of time.


If you're submitting art and/or fic, reading this post is a necessity.

General Submissions GuidelinesCollapse )

Fic Specific GuidelinesCollapse )

Art Specific GuidelinesCollapse )


  • When submitting your art/fic, the following header must be used.

  • For fic, please copy and paste this code into the top of your document. For art, please copy and paste it into the body of your submission email or into a separate word document.

  • Your name will be removed from the header before posting but will be put back in after the reveals have been posted.


  • To submit your fic/art please email it as an attachment to on or before November 30th.

  • When submitting, please include your LJ name and the number of the original prompt you claimed in the subject line of your email.

  • The title of the document or image file containing your submission is entirely up to you, but it should also include your LJ name. E.g.: "Title" by bbcmedleymod.


  • If any unforeseen problems arise or you're just unable to finish your fic/art, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can re-arrange the posting schedule and/or offer the prompt up to a pinch hitter. No one will hunt you down and force you to complete your work... (no matter how tempting it may be)

  • If you do need to email us to request an extension/drop out of the fest, please remember to include your LJ name, either in the subject line or in the body of the email.


  • This is an anonymous fest; Please do not let anyone, other than your beta(s), know which prompt you have claimed (or which prompts you may have submitted).

  • Claiming will remain open until November 16th.

  • Once you have submitted your first claim you are more than welcome to make another. How? Post a new comment to the Claiming Post and a mod will send you a new claim confirmation email.

Any questions and/or comments can be made here, or you can email us at
Enjoy :)

Claiming post - CLOSED
The M's
Claiming post is now CLOSED


Claiming will be open until 16th of November.

Please be sure to read through the entirety of this post before making your claims


  • Claiming will be first come - first served.

  • Each prompt can be claimed once per fandom per medium. So if a prompt is for two fandoms, it can be claimed up to four times - once per fandom for a fic, once per fandom for art.

  • No claiming of your own prompt, no matter how tempting.

  • Only one claim at a time per person. If you'd like to claim a second prompt, your first needs to be finished, beta'd and submitted. There is no limit to how many prompts someone claims - as long as they've completed their prior claims.

  • When making a claim, please choose 3 claims in order of the desire to fill them. If your first choice is already taken, you will be given your second and/or third - depending on availability. If all three choices are taken, you will be informed and asked to chose 3 more.

  • If only one prompt grabs your attention, feel free to only submit one claim. Multiple claims are not necessary. It's just our way of ensuring that you get at least one of the prompts you want.

  • If filling a claim as a crossover - please claim the fandom that your fic will take place in.
  • Proxy claiming is allowed. We all know the hell of working with multiple time zones and would like to try to help accommodate everyone who would like to be involved in this fest.

  • Please try to remember that this fest is anonymous. Other than your beta(s), no one else should know which prompts you have chosen to fill.

How to claim a prompt:

  • The post of available prompts can be found here. It will be updated frequently.

  • There will be an available form to c/p into the comments. It will ask for your name, if you'd like to remain anonymous after reveals, the number of the post you're claiming and the medium you're claiming it in.

  • Please fill the form properly. Any claims made without the available form will not be accepted.

  • An email will be sent to the address provided with confirmation of your claim. Please be sure to check your spam folder as well as your inbox within 24 hours of making your claim. Some emails have been sent directly to the recipient's spam folder.

  • A prompt with multiple fandoms can be claimed multiple times. When one of the fandoms is claimed, the claimed fandom will be stricken through - leaving the non-stricken fandoms still open for claiming

  • All comments will be screened.

  • All claims are to be made in this post.

Prompting Form

Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines post before participating.
Any questions and/or comments can be made here, or you can email us at
Enjoy :)


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